Our Organization

Beijing Civil Society Development Research Center (BCSDRC)
BCSDRC was registered as a consulting company in 2003 to be an “information and capacity building platform” for China’s nonprofit philanthropic sector. It administers both the China Development Brief (CDB) and CDB (English) programs, and offers a range of services described below.
CDB is a program that produces the Chinese-language online (www.cdb.org.cn) and print publication (China Development Brief, 《中国发展简报》) which grew out of a sister English-language publication by the same name during the late 1990s. It is China’s longest-running, independent publication covering the development and NGO sector in China. CDB staff report and promote the exchange of views on topics related to development and civil society, in addition to contributing to original research and reports.
CDB (English)
CDB (English) (www.chinadevelopmentbrief.cn) was started in the spring of 2011 as a program to provide English-language translations of CDB’s reporting. Its mission is to improve understanding and cooperation between the international community and China’s growing civil society sector. Its goals are twofold. One is provide the international community with authoritative, independent information related to civil society and development in China. The other is to provide a platform for internationalizing China’s civil society by giving it more visibility and making it aware of important developments in civil society outside of China. CDB (English) staff achieve these goals by providing translations of Chinese-language reporting, and contributing to original research and reports, on Chinese and international civil society.
Other Services
We organize research projects, forums and other outreach activities, such as our Civil Society Learning Space, and offer consulting and other services such as our popular job postings service to support the NGO sector’s development.
BCSDRC`s Mission:
To empower China`s civil society through independent reporting and analysis, and by facilitating the free flow of information, resources and views for grassroots NGOs and activists.
BCSDRC’s Objectives:
1) To promote and disseminate the concept and values of the independent, grassroots sector.

2) To develop technologies, platforms and databases to disseminate information about the nonprofit sector to grassroots NGOs and activists and their supporters in the nonprofit, business and government sectors.

3) To develop bilingual reports and research that will raise awareness of grassroots NGOs and activists, and support their development domestically and overseas.

4) To promote and organize capacity-building activities that will connect grassroots NGOs and activists with their supporters in the nonprofit, business and government sectors.

BCSDRC has 12 full-time staff. They are:
BCSDRC Administration
CHEN Yimei (陈一梅), Executive Director, chen.yimei(at)cdb.org.cn
ZHANG Gengrui (张耿瑞), Managing Director, zgr(at)cdb.org
REN Guangkuo (任广阔), Cashier and Administrator, renguangkuo(at)cdb.org.cn
LENG Haifang (冷海方), Accountant, leng.haifang(at)cdb.org.cn
ZHAO Nanzhu (赵南竹), Online Assistant, zhaonanzhu(at)cdb.org.cn
CDB Editorial Staff
FU Tao, Editor (付涛), futao(at)cdb.org.cn
LIU Haiying (刘海英), Ph.D., Senior Researcher, lhy(at)cdb.org.cn
GUO Ting (郭婷), Associate Editor, guoting(at)cdb.org.cn
LU Xiaohong (禄晓红), Associate Editor, luxiaohong(at)cdb.org.cn
YANG Jin (杨晋), Staff Writer, yangjin(at)cdb.org.cn
CDB (English)
Tom BANNISTER, Ph.D. (白东飞), Assistant Director, tom.bannister(at)cdb.org.cn