About us: Created in 1996 and registered as an NGO named “Beijing E-share Civil Society Center” in 2017, China Development Brief (CDB) is China’s first independent information platform for civil society. Using both English and Chinese, China Development Brief provides services of media and communication, research, consultancy and resource-matching to NGOs, foundations, enterprises, individuals and research institutes.

Our Mission: Promoting the sustainable development of civil society through information exchange and the matching of resources, based on the principles of independence and professionalism.

Our Strengths: We are diverse, independent, cutting edge and international

Our Strategic Goals: By capitalizing on our platform, CDB aims to promote the sharing and exchange of development ideas, knowledge, experiences, and approaches; enhance the opportunities for grassroots NGOs to spread their voice; and drive the resource matching for NGOs in terms of funding, talent, and capacity.

Our Core Activities:

l   Publicizing information on civil society

l   Consultancy, research and experience sharing

l   Resource matching: includes matching of funds, talent, knowledge and skills.

l   Knowledge and skills training


Board of Directors


Director General

Zhang Gengrui, legal representative of the Beijing Gongminhui Consultancy

Deputy Director General & Executive Director

Liu Zhongliang, Former guest Professor of Beijing Normal University

Directors (in alphabetical order)

Feng Yuan, gender equality expert

Lu Gengyu, partner of the Guangdong Zhaolu Law Firm

Meng Lan, former Chief Finance Officer of Amcham China

Qiao Dong, former Chief Officer of Jingdong Crowdfunding Charity Fundraising

Wang Kunyu, Operation Manager and Project Development Commissioner of the World Resources Institute

Wang Tingyu, China Program Chief Representative of the Fred Hollows Foundation


Liu Xueyong, Researcher in the Research Committee, Beijing Chaoyang Lawyers Association


Advisory Committee (in alphabetical order)


Feng Yuan, initiator of various gender equality organizations, including Gender Watch

Fu Lin, China Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of SAP

Kang Xiaoguang, Professor of the School of Public Administration and Policy, Renmin University of China, President of the Institute for NGO research, Renmin University of China

Liang Xiaoyan, Executive Director of the Beijing Western Sunshine Foundation, founder of Friends of Nature

Song Qinghua, Director of the Shining Stone Community Action Center

Wang Jin, Professor of MIT comparative media studies, Director of MIT New Media Action Lab, Director General of NGO2.0

Wang Zhenbang, Dean of the China Philanthropy Research Institute, Beijing Normal University

Wen Bo, Policy and Media Advisor of the National Geographic Society Global Research Fund

Yang Tuan, Deputy Director & Researcher of the Center of Public Policy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director General of the Social Policy Professional Committee of the China Association of Sociology, Director General of CCFA

Zhang Jufang, Executive Director of CBAC