The CDB Advisory Committee

Feng Yuan

Founder, Media Monitor for Women Network and several other women organizations

Fu Lin

SAP, Head of CSR for SAP China

Kang Xiaoguang

Professor, School of Public Administration and Policy,Renmin University of China
Director, NPO Research Center,Renmin University of China

Liang Xiaoyan

Executive Board Member, Beijing Western Sunshine Foundation
Founder, Friends of Nature

Song Qinghua

Executive Director, Shining Stone Community Action Center

Wang Jin

Professor, Comparative Media Studies/Writing, MIT
Director, New Media Action Lab, MIT
Executive Director, NGO2.0

Wang Zhenyao

President, China Philanthropy Research Institute

Wen Bo

Policy and Media Adviser,National Geographic Society Global Exploration Fund

Yang Tuan

Deputy Director & Senior Researcher, Social Policy Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Director, Professional Committee on Social Policy, Chinese Sociological Association
Chair of the Board, Center of Consultation and Services for Farmers’ Association

Zhang Jufang

CEO, Capacity Building and Assessment Centre


*Names listed in alphabetical order