Charity Law for Dummies


The Charity Law is China’s first national-level legislation governing its charitable sector.  Promulgated on March 16, 2016, the Charity Law establishes a comprehensive regulatory system for Chinese philanthropic development, and will help promote charitable activities and social progress.

Want to know how the Charity Law will affect you? Read on! 

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The Center for Charity Law at the Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Research Institute was established in 2013. The Center is a leading research institute in China’s public interest field. It specializes in legal research relating to China’s charity and philanthropy sector, providing practical legal consulting and training services to government departments, nonprofit organizations and companies. The Center was critically involved in the legislative drafting process of China’s Charity Law, maintaining close cooperation and providing critical legal support to the National People’s Congress legislative drafting units, the Civil Affairs Department and other governmental departments. Looking forward, the Center will focus on helping governmental departments and civil society actors alike in understanding and clarifying Charity Law legal issues, as well as provide trainings and consulting services to faciliate the implementation of China’s Charity Law.   For more information, please contact