Bidding Invitation of Emergency Equipment, Mercy Corps


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Bidding Invitation of Emergency Equipment 
Building Capacity for Disaster Mitigation &Poverty Relief in Rural China(BCDM)
Mercy Corps is going to purchase a batch of community emergency equipment for Jiazhong Township, Santai County, Sichuan Province and Laochang Township, Huize County, Yunnan Province where are carrying out Building Capacity in Disaster Management Program  funded by EU. All of emergency equipment will be delivered to Disaster Management Committee of each program villages in order to enhance the capacity of coping with disaster. 
Program Background
Mercy Corps believes that disaster risk reduction oriented protected economic development is essential to our mission to help people build secure, productive and just communities.For this reason Mercy Corps has implemented many DRR projects worldwide & in China hasaccumulated rich experiences through the Disaster Management Capacity Building program in 2009, which established our good reputation to introduce programs of DRR integrated with economic development into Yunnan & Sichuan’s poverty & disaster prone areas. Funded by the European Union in 2011,Mercy Corps’ Building Capacity for Disaster Mitigation and Poverty Relief in Rural China Program will build resilience to natural disasters in Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces by building the capacity of community & government bodies that are engaged in poverty reduction and disaster risk reduction, and identifying local mitigation activities and sustainable income generating opportunities and protected livelihood linked to risk reduction.
List of Emergency Equipment
Please click here to download more detailed information.
Criteria for Selecting Bidder
1. 投标单位应合法注册,并有销售该产品的相关资质
Bidder should have legal status with qualified sale above product
Bidding Documentation Requirement
1. 机构营业执照复印件盖公章; Company Certification with sealed
2. 机构相关资质介绍及联系方式,; Company introduction and contact information
3. 根据以上应急设备清单提供报价单并盖机构公章:注明各产品型号、产品价格(含税及运费价格)、交货时间、付款方式(如能接受美金或者欧元则优先考虑); Provide the quotation according to above list of emergency equipment :including specification of product, gross price of product (incl. all the tax, postage fee, etc.)delivery date, type of payment(Preferred Bank transfer by USD or EURO)
4. 所有物资将直接运到四川省绵阳市三台县建中乡和云南省曲靖市会泽县老厂乡,在报价时请同时报运费价格。All of product will be delivered directly to Jianzhong Township, Santai County, Mianyang City ,Sichuan province and Laochang Township, Huize County Qunjing Ctiy Yunan Province, please quote the carriage together.
Close Date of the Bidding
Before 6:00 PM on10th April, 2013
How to apply
If interested and qualified bidder, please mail the above-mentioned documents to Mercy Corps Chegndu Office directly, add: Appt22-1-5A,China Garden, #5, Tongzlin Eastern Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, telephone: 028-85929574.or fax all of documents to Mercy Corps Chengdu Office, Fax No:028-85156505. We will contact pre-selected bidder for further clarification and follow up.