Call for Academic Papers on Development of Chinese Community in Australia – Australian Chinese Worker Association (ACWA)


ACWA, the Australian Chinese Worker Association, a non-profit group on multi-culture and oversea Chinese community development, invites you to participate in the Research and Report on Development of Chinese Community in Australia 2017.

The seminar will be held around December, 2017 in Sydney Australia. The conference includes one day of full paper presentations and invited talks and one day of workshops and site visiting.

The conference invites the submission of academic papers (in English only) related to the following topics:

Survey Reports

  1. Structure and composition of the Chinese community in Australia
  2. Employment and economic status of the Chinese community in Australia
  3. Development of Chinese investment in Australia
  4. Education status of Chinese community in Australia
  5. Development of Chinese culture in Australia and its impact on broader Australia
  6. Public involvement of Chinese community in Australia
  7. Religious life of Chinese community in Australia
  8. Overseas students from China.


Analysis and Research

  1. How to improve the policy making involvement of Chinese community in Australia
  2. Case study of Chinese community efforts to implement and sustain multiculturalism in Australia
  3. The way to accomplish a policy basis for Chinese community harmonization with the other communities of Australia
  4. The influence and implementation of an FTA between Australia and China on the Chinese community in Australia and the development of economics, culture and politics of Australia and China
  5. The influence of bilateral relations between Australia and China on development of the Chinese community in Australia
  6. Australia and the One- Belt-One-Road development strategy
  7. The influence of policies on immigration, investment and the other relevant aspects to Chinese community in Australia
  8. The Chinese investment and economic development of Australia
  9. The influence of dual nationality of Chinese-Australians on the Chinese community in Australia and economic development of Australia and China


Accepted papers will be presented as oral talks on seminar and published in ACWA blue book.

We plan to publish our ACWA blue book in 2018 by Sydney University Press in Australia and China Social Science Press in China.

We invite you to join us!


Submission information

We are now accepting submissions via email:

Please submit the paper proposal (no more than 2000 words) and your CV (both in English) before 16 June 2017.

We will have screening on proposals and only inform suitable candidates to complete their papers.

The accepted candidates shall complete their paper (8000-15000 words in English) and submit to before 24 November 2017.

The papers will be discussed on the December seminar and for the paper failing to pass the seminar academic evaluation will not be published in the ACWA bluebook.



We provide several fellowships for researchers to complete their papers.

Survey Reports (8 Topics) Maximum 4000AUD per paper
Analysis and Research (9 topics) Maximum 3000AUD per paper


The fellowships are granted based on academic contribution.

Fellowship can be used for research and attending our seminar in Sydney, please note “Fellowship Need” in the email title and an estimated amount of fellowship in your first paper proposal email.

The fellowship can be instalment or once-off.

As for first instalment fellowship, we can offer maximum AUD1000 after screening in the way of reimbursement. No applicant shall make false or misleading reimbursement.

The last instalment fellowship and once-off fellowship results will be released between the submission of your final reports and seminar in December and granting after book publish.

Once your proposal has been selected, we will contact you for fellowship preferences.

Notice: The fellowship quota is very limited (one paper from each topic). We will announce final results within two weeks upon receiving the final paper. Early submission, excellent paper and determination on joining the seminar will increase the possibility of gaining fellowships.


Important dates 

Deadline Date
Proposal & CV submission deadline June 16, 2017
Proposal Approval Results June 29, 2017
Negotiation Fellowship July-Aug., 2017
First Instalment Fellowship (Reimbursement) Sep.-Nov., 2017
Final Paper Submission Nov. 24, 2017
Fellowships Granting Final Results Dec. TBD, 2017
Seminar Dec. TBD, 2017
Book Publish Mar. TBD, 2018
Final Instalment Fellowship and Once-off Fellowship Apr. TBD, 2018

All deadlines are calculated at 11:59pm (UTC/GMT +10h).



The general chair of ACWA blue book is J.P. David Chen (President of ACWA). Program co-chairs are Dr Chongyi Feng (Associate Professor in China Studies, University of Technology), James Zhu (Advisor of ACWA), Dr John Fitzgerald (President of Australian Academy of Humanity), M.P. Laurie Ferguson (former Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services).



  • Email:
  • Phone/Wechat: Please leave your phone number or wechat ID in your email to and we will contact you soon.