Climate Scorecard looking for Chinese partner organization


Climate Scorecard has been working for the past year to monitor and report on efforts by leading greenhouse gas emitting countries, to reduce emissions and support the Paris Agreement. Now we are moving into Phase 2 of our work which is going to take on an advocacy focus. We are concerned, based on recent scientific reports, that countries are not doing enough to honor and strengthen their commitments to the Paris Agreement.

Therefore, we are trying to identify a partner organization in each of the top 20 greenhouse gas emitting countries that we follow. The role of the partner organization would be to help us in reviewing a monthly News Brief and Action Alert message related to a climate change significant activity and then encourage members of your network and others to use that message to advocate for change with decision-makers.

Climate Scorecard views our country Partner Organizations as part of our team. The partner organizations would be profiled on new Climate Scorecard website that we are developing and be listed as a donor option for those interested in contributing. Climate Scorecard will also help support the mission and goals of our partner organizations


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