Organisational capacity building project to support people with MS/NMO in China


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Call for Proposals: Organisational capacity building project to support people with MS/NMO in China
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3-year grant to develop and manage a project to establish and build the capacity of a group/organisation that will support people with MS/NMO in China…..
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The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) is the world’s only global network of MS organisations. Together we lead the fight against MS and work to improve the quality of life of people affected by MS wherever they live.
In countries where there is no MS organisation, we work with local people and groups to support the development of strong organisations focused on supporting and advocating for people with MS. In the context of its capacity building in China, MSIF has found a strong link between the people affected by MS and by NMO (Neuromyelitis Optica) and is therefore pursuing a capacity building model that allows for a combined MS/NMO support structure.
MSIF is seeking a China-based non-governmental organisation with demonstrable experience in organisational capacity building, preferably in the areas of health and/or disability, to develop and manage a Project to achieve the Objective below.
Objective: To, by the end of 2016, have a group or organisation in place that is able to meet some of the priority support needs of people with MS/NMO in two or more cities/provinces in China. This group/organisation will be accountable to and involve people with MS/NMO, have its own identity, vision, mission and values, a plan in place to deliver its activities and a sustainability plan in place to ensure its future.
Language: The project is to be delivered in Chinese with reporting to MSIF carried out in English.
Duration: 3 years1 (March 2014 – December 2016).
Funding: An annual grant2 of between UK£35,000 – UK£40,000
How to apply?
Please email to request the Project Brief, Background and Proposal Template to be sent to you.
The above documents are available in both English and Chinese but the Proposal Template and accompanying documents must to be completed in English and emailed to MSIF, at, by Friday 27 December 2013. Please state the Project title Building a group/organisation for people with MS/NMO in China in the subject line of the email.
MSIF will notify organisations if your Proposal is to be taken forwards during the week 30 December 2013 – 3 January 2014.
MSIF staff will be in Beijing from 3-10 January 2014. If MSIF decides to take your Proposal forwards, where possible, a meeting with your organisation will be arranged during this visit

  1. The continuation of the project in 2015 and 2016 will depend on progress made towards achieving the project objective, and related results, in 2014 as well as available funding. 

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