21st Century Education Research Institute


21st Century Education Research Institute


To promote China's educational reform and development, in the pursuit of an educational ideal.

Major Projects

  • 2003 – Present, Publishing “Education Blue Book”
  • 2009, China Education NGO Forum
  • 2010, Local Education System Innovation
  • 2011, “New Classroom, New Education” Summit
  • 2011, Promotion, Development, and Research of Compulsory Education

Major Achievements

  • 2005, Southern Weekly, "Chinese NGO with the Best Development Potential"
  • 2006, “Top 100 Chinese NGOs”
  • 2009, Published China Educational Reform Plan, sections of which were included in the government's Education Plan
  • 2010, In collaboration with the People's Publishing House, published “2020: China's Education Reform Strategy”

Major Funders

Oxfam, Tencent Foundation, Ford Foundation, Narada Foundation

Major Partners

Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation, Institute of New Education, China Youth Daily, Sina Education, Tencent Education


We are committed to developing educational research and policy advocacy from an independent position, assembling talents from both inside and outside of the field of education to promote China's educational reform and development.