21st Century Education Research Institute

Researching educational problems from an independent perspective, and using the strength of society to advance education.

9 O’Clock Social Work Station

Providing professional development services for youths.

Able Development Institute

To build a society where every person can live equally.

Ace Youth Development Centre

To promote communication among youth communities by advocating independent thinking and diverse development To support youth to make a difference by advocating action and innovation To record and disseminate youth culture by building youth new media


Building a diverse, tolerant society free from discrimination and governed by law.

Ai Da Xun Social Work Service Center

Help people acquire the knowledge necessary for their own personal development and the development of the world in general.

Aibai Culture & Education Center (ACEC)

Promoting equal rights for the Chinese LGBT community.

Aibo Community Development Center

New citizen education


Promoting the establishment of new social support systems for impoverished children and families.

Angel House Rehabilitation & Education Center

With “care for all” as our guiding principle, we provide services such as education, daily living, and vocational skills for people with cerebral palsy. For students who are able to enter regular schools, we have integration and education activities, to enable them to participate in social life.