Able Development Institute


Able Development Institute


To create a diverse and humanistic world.

Major Projects

  • Project of Youth Development (July, 2012 - Present);
  • Project of Supporting Employers in Hiring Persons with Disabilities (May, 2013 - Present);
  • Accessibility Improvement Plan (October, 2013 - Present);
  • Project on Employment and Economic Environment Improvement for Persons with Disabilities (June, 2014 - Present);
  • Research on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice about Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) and Access to SRH Education and Services for Young People with Disabilities (November, 2014 - Present).

Major Achievements

  • Cases of Integrative Employment of Persons with Disabilities in Chinese Enterprises (December, 2013);
  • ICF- Handbook for Supporting Persons with Disabilities (November, 2014).

Major Funders

MISEREOR, International Labour Organization

Major Partners

International Labour Organization, China Disabled Persons Federation (CDPF), China Enterprise Confederation (CEC).


Through cross-disciplinary studies based on development anthropology, unite government entities, enterprises, international institutes and all sectors of society to participate in inclusive development of persons with disabilities.