Ace Youth Development Centre


Ace Youth Development Centre


Help youth become the actors of the world, make commonwealth a part of our life.

Major Projects

  • Idea Meeting: a public speaking event of diverse themes and voices where speakers share their life stories and ideas to show the distinct possibilities of life and stimulate rational thinking and emotional resonance. Idea Meeting embraces openness and innovation. It seeks to broaden youth's horizon and release their passion for life.
  • Youth Talk: a medium size public speaking event where everyone qualified can speak out for youth in specific field to present diverse youth culture.
  • Sailing Plan: a social innovation and youth leadership plan which aims to empower outstanding social innovative talents, improve youth's leadership capability, cultivate active youth community in social innovation and then promote overall development of social innovation.
  • Imagine City: a project of youth getting involved in public affair and making a change in city through empowering youth to observe, discover, analyze and solve problems with individual's potential and wisdom in community.
  • Ace Youth + : the project supports City partner through value sharing, brand authorization, project authorization, team building and evaluation to organize teams and launch our projects to activate more cities with the power of youth and also cultivate a more diversified public life for them.

Major Achievements

  • 2014, Ginkgo Fellow Program of Narada Foundation,
  • 2014, Tencent City Power Award.

Major Funders

Sichuan Youth Development Foundation, Chengdu Charity Federation.

Major Partners

Sichuan Provincial Committee of Communist Youth League, The Commission on Youth.


Promote youth development and social innovation by creating a diverse world together.