Adventist Development and Relief Agency


Adventist Development and Relief Agency

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) was established in 1956 by the Seventh-day Adventist church to provide humanitarian relief and welfare. Its international network mobilized over USD 224 million for projects in 120 countries in 2009.

ADRA began working in China in 1987 and was registered in Hong Kong as ADRA Limited in 1996. The Beijing Office opened in 1999 and now serves as the main Country Office. In 2008 a regional office was opened in Chengdu, Sichuan.

ADRA China’s core activities focus on the environment, primary health care, and emergency management. Highlights include successes in environmental protection, primary health care, and emergency response. This has meant cleaner air, reduced heating fuel needs, and greater earthquake resilience for over 600 families living in straw bale housing in six provinces. ADRA China has won two international awards for its straw bale housing design. Cleaning village waste water through plants and renewable energy are additional environmental focus areas.

Families in remote communities are experiencing improved maternal and newborn care through home visits by trained village doctors and community volunteers following WHO recommendations.

ADRA China responds to emergencies nearly every year on the mainland, including floods, droughts, earthquake, and severe winter weather. It also participates in ADRA Network responses to major international disasters, such as the Asian tsunami, Myanmar cyclone, and Haiti and Japan earthquakes.

ADRA China is listed in Wisegiving and as a tax exempted organization by the Inland Revenue Department of Hong Kong.

ADRA China’s funds come from private individuals, church institutions, governments, corporations, foundations, and the ADRA network.