Aibai Culture & Education Center (ACEC)


Aibai Culture & Education Center (ACEC)


ACEC is dedicated to providing crucial information on Chinese-speaking LGBT around the world, advocating understanding and acceptance of LGBT wherever they are, and thereby seeking to encourage societal tolerance and equality.

Major Projects

  • 2009 - Present, Leadership Development Program directed at LGBT Chinese
  • 2011 - Present, Youth Leadership Development Program
  • 1999 - Present, Aibai Website
  • 2007 - Present, Support Program for those testing positive for HIV
  • 2011 - Present, Professional Diversity Program

Major Funders

Information Clearinghouse for Chinese Gays and Lesbians (美国华文同性资料中心)

Major Partners

Beijing LGBT Center (北京同志中心), Guangzhou Associated Gay/Les Campus (广州同城社区), and Feizan (飞赞网)


We advocate the right to equality for Chinese-speaking LGBT by providing medical services and care for those living with AIDS, strengthening community alliances and enhancing public advocacy. Currently, Aibai has branches in Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai, and has volunteers throughout China as well as overseas.