To devote long-term efforts to the “(New) Impoverished Children Education,” hoping to break the “viscious cycle of impoverishment” and help more impoverished children to have a wide road of opportunities and a promising future.

Major Projects

  • March 2010 – February 2013, Children's Early Development Project (ECCD)
  • June 2011 – May 2012, Community Children's Health Development Project
  • June 2012 – May 2015, Migrant Workers Children Education Public Advocacy Project
  • June 2012 – Present, New Impoverished Children and Families Hotline
  • June 2012 – Present, Impoverished Children and Families Support Network

Major Achievements

  • July 2005, Research Report “Individualized Education Research and Practice” received first prize at the Beijing International Diversified Intelligence Annual Meeting
  • May 2007, Report on the Living Conditions of Migrant Children School Teachers
  • March 2009, December 2011, Research on Migrant Children School Buses
  • May 2005, New Impoverished Children Education Project Research Report

Major Funders

World Bank, EU, Beijing Social Construction Special Fund (北京社会建设专项资金)

Major Partners

Save the Children Beijing Office, Green & Shine Foundation (北京市桂馨慈善基金会), Beijing Foresting University Renwen School, Capital Normal University College of Foreign Languages


We uphold the motto “Uphold the Truth, Share Love, and Seek Beauty,” promoting rational public service and a spirit of voluntary education and emphasizing research plans for the professionalized and systemized resolution of problems.