Beijing Yilian Labor Law Aid and Research Center


Beijing Yilian Labor Law Aid and Research Center

Major Projects

  • Legal Aid: In February 2006, we established the first free injury-related rights protection hotline. By 2007, we had offered consulting on 68,243 cases, represented 3,402 cases, and drafted documents for 1,605 cases. Since 2009, we have carried out a China Legal Aid Foundation special lottery for public interest legal aid.
  • Trade Union Consultation and Mediation: In 2011, we became the first NGO to sign a cooperative agreement with the Beijing Trade Union, deepening a cooperative relationship that began in 2009.
  • Advocacy for the Establishment of Injury Insurance and Employment-Related Illness Prevention: Since 2006, we have participated in advice solicitation activities from the State Council Legislative Affairs, Human Resources and Social Security offices. In 2011 and 2012, we held two sessions of the “Not Yet Participating in the Industrial Injury Insurance Advanced Payment” program. Since 2010, we have participated in the revision and development of the Occupational Illness Prevention Law and its supporting systems. In 2011, we launched a nationwide investigation of occupational illness and sent Occupational Illness Law Prevention proposal drafts to more than 100 NPC Standing Committee members.
  • Labor Rights Protection Skill Training: Since 2007, we have carried out training for migrant laborers, advocacy lawyers, and NGO personnel concerning labor rights protection skills, occupational illness prevention, and integration into urban life.
  • China-Europe Social Forum Labor Rights Protection Working Group: Formed July 2010, bringing Chinese and European experts together to explore issues, challenges, and resolution strategies.

Major Achievements

  • 2011 - Present, Our organization was the only NGO to participate in the revisions of the Occupational Illness Prevention Law.
  • 2005, Published Leping Huang’s book “Latest Occupational Injury Management Operations and Practices.”
  • 2007 - 2011, Leping Huang received the honors of “National May First Labor Medal” and “National Workers’ Rights Protection Lawyer.”
  • 2009 Capital Philanthropy Federation named “Capital Philanthropy Public Interest Star Group.”
  • 2011, Beijing Municipal Legislative Department named “Beijing Legal Aid Advanced Group”
  • February 2009, Our organization handled a class-action labor dispute case, and was referred to by the media as a “The first time a class-action labor dispute case was successfully mediated by a legal aid group.” In 2010, we handled a Beijing Fangshan class-action occupational illness case.

Major Funders

China Legal Aid Foundation (中国法律援助基金会), Beijing Legal Aid Foundation (北京法律援助基金会), Oxfam HK, Ford Foundation

Major Partners

Beijing Trade Union (北京市总工会), Beijing University Law School, Tsinghua University Law School, Committee of Chinese Clinical Legal Educators, China Institute for Labor and Social Security Sciences, Georgetown University


We are a private labor policy think tank that serves as society’s backbone for labor rights protection.