Beijing LGBT Center


Beijing LGBT Center


To enhance the self-identity of the Chinese comrades (LGBT) population in the Beijing area by providing community service and advocacy activities; to promote the gay rights movement, eliminate discrimination and achieve equality; to promote diversity and the development of civil society.

Major Projects

  • 2008 – Present, Movie screenings and language exchange
  • 2010 – Present, Psychological Aid Project (Professional psychological counselors providing individual and group treatment)
  • 2011 – Present, Gay Street Inquiry Activities
  • 2011 – Present, Child's Heart Study Group
  • 2012 – Present, Partner Mutual Aid Group (Study Partner)

Major Funders

Alfa Bar, community fundraising activities

Major Partners

Common Language, Aibai, Queer Comrades, Gayspot Magazine, Les+ Magazine, Feizan, LesTalk


We provide an exchange platform for the Beijing community, promoting both internal and external understanding of the gay community. We increase the gay community's self-identity through our basic services, and eradicate discrimination through our education projects.