Beijing Rural Children’s Cultural Development Center


Beijing Rural Children's Cultural Development Center


Advancing social equality and sustainable development through the promotion of individual development.

Major Projects

  • 2007 - Present, Nature Education Project (the Nature Education Base and the Yan Mountain School)
  • 2008 - Present, Banta Village Community Education Project (the Community Study Center)
  • 2008 - Present, Migrant Children-Teachers Improvement Program ("Candelight Communication" and "Teacher's House")
  • Other Projects - Youth Camp, Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostic and Basic Treatment Training

Major Achievements

  • 2012, The Nature Education Base was listed it the top 15 for the Intel “New World” Innovation Pioneer Award
  • 2011, Leader Lusheng Lin was selected to participate in the Narada Foundation's "Ginkgo Partnership Growth Plan"
  • 2010, The "Candelight Communication" Project received the "Tencent Public Service - New Citizen Public Service Innovation Award"

Major Funders

Partnerships for Community Development (香港社区伙伴), Narada Foundation, New Citizens Program (新公民计划)

Major Partners

Partnerships for Community Development, News Citizens Program, Beijing migrant children's schools, a number of Chinese high school and university student organizations


Through our work with two communities (rural and migrant workers), we have been able to establish firm roots and develop educational programs for youths. We have initiated social enterprise through our Nature Education projects.