Beijing Shifangyuan Public Welfare Foundation


Beijing SFY Foundation


May the world be filled with peace and joy.

Major Projects

  • The project of Love and Accompany aims to support services to the elderly in communities nationwide, to let more people participate in providing professional hospice and spiritual care for the terminally-ill and to enable each of them to go through life with dignity and peace in the last mile.
  • The project in the nationwide supports 50 elderly mental care organizations (or projects), funding 5 million RMB each year. The elderly mental care organizations (or projects) continue mobilization of the community volunteers to provide spiritual care services for the elderly, and can be continuously supported for 3 years according to the annual completion. Funds can be used in project execution, administrative office, training service, staff salaries and other aspects.
  • During the procedure, the project will also provide professional technical training of the elderly care, organization and management system support, network sharing and other services.


Beijing SFY Public Welfare Foundation gets more people involved in spiritual and emotional services for the aged, through sponsoring organizations that provide professional hospice and spiritual care. Assist the 40 million terminally ill getting through life with dignity and peace in the last mile. At the same time, let all participants taste the pleasure of love and companionship.