Blue Dolphin Special Education Center


Blue Dolphin Special Education Center


“A healthy child, a happy family”

Major Projects

  • 2004 – Present, Early Intervention for Children with Autism (Education and Rehabilitation Training)
  • 2010, “Films Enter the Community”
  • 2010 – 2011, China Disabled Persons Federation Rehabilitation and Assistance Program for Impoverished Children with Autism
  • 2011, Training and Psychological Counseling for the Parents of Children with Autism

Major Achievements

  • 2011, Lianhu District, “Sunshine Home” became a unit.
  • 2012, Shaanxi Autistic Children Rehabilitation Designated Agency

Major Funders

Xian Lianhu District Service Center for Disabled Persons, World Vision

Major Partners

Xian Qujiang Ocean World, Xian Lianhu District Changan Psychological Counseling Center (西安市莲湖区长安心理辅导中心), Shaanxi Normal University Psychological Department, Futian Nursery School (陕西师范大学心理系 福田幼儿园)


Our center focuses on training methods for the rehabilitation and education of autistic and intellectually disabled children between the ages of two and seven such as professional evaluations and ABA analysis, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), and structuralized education. At the same time, we collaborate with experts and scholars from the fields of medicine, education, and psychology to explore the effectiveness of music therapy, sandbox therapy, and dolphin assisted training in the treatment of children with autism. We promote speech, behavior, and social skill development among special needs children.