Catholic Love Services of the Diocese of Wanzhou, Chongqing


Catholic Love Services of the Diocese of Wanzhou, Chongqing


To promote a spirit of charity, to care for vulnerable groups, to support the harmonious development of society, and to create a beautiful heaven in man’s world.

Major Projects

  • Civil Education: One-to-one study aid, psychological help for "left behind" students project, library project, Hope School project
  • Project Development: Immigrant community service project (for the elderly and children)
  • Rural Development: Rural Planting Development Project

Major Funders

Shanghai Catholic Guangqi Social Service Center (上海天主教光启社会服务中心), MISEREOR, Caritas Hong Kong, Tencent Foundation, Symrise Shanghai(德之馨(上海)有限公司), The Asia Foundation

Major Partners

Chong QING Three Gorges University Young Volunteers Association(重庆三峡学院青年志愿者协会), Chongqing Information College Young Volunteers Association (重庆信息学院青年志愿者协会), Chongqing Three Gorges Medical College Young Volunteers Association(三峡医药高等专科学校青年志愿者协会), Chongqing Yuzhou Volunteers’ Website (重庆渝州义工网), Chongqing 11158 Volunteer Association (重庆11158义工联盟), and other volunteers all over China


We hope to promote our collaboration with Chinese and international funders, and to improve the healthy development of public welfare in the Three Gorges area.