Children’s Village under Shaanxi Research Association


Children's Village under Shaanxi Research Association


To protect children’s rights, prevent juvenile crime, and help the incarcerated to reintegrate into society.

Major Projects

  • Raising minor children of the incarcerated
  • Providing education for prisoners' minor children based on morality, culture and technology.
  • Scientific management of "Children's Village" a healthy environment for children
  • Theoretical research on special-needs children and the prevention of juvenile crime

Major Achievements

  • 2010, Shuqin Zhang, the legal representative and founder of Children Village, was awarded “2010 People Who Inspired Shaanxi Education Figure”
  • 2011, “2011 Minor Children Moral and Ideological Building Outstanding Organization”

Major Funders

Social fundraising  


We are the first civil public welfare organization that shoulders the financial costs of caring for the children of prisoners.