China Rural Library


China Rural Library


With education as our content and books as our carriers, CRL promotes literacy and innovation in rural education. CRL focuses on rural areas, but also seeks to maintain connections with cities.

Major Projects

  • November 2007 - Present, Basic Library Lending Service
  • March 2010 - Present, Reading Course
  • November 2007 - Present, Reading Club
  • November 2007 - Present, Movie Class
  • December 2007 - Present, Winter Camp and Summer Camp

Major Achievements

  • 2009, Xinhua Wenxuan Bei 3rd Independent Book Industry Competition in 2008, Rural Contribution Award
  • 2010, nominated for One Foundation Potential Model Award
  • 2010, Nanfang Weekly “Happy China” Top 20 Social Welfare Programs
  • 2011, Yingqiang Li was selected for the Narada Foundation's “The Gingko Partner Support Plan”
  • 2011, “Responsible China” Social Welfare Action Award

Major Funders

XinPing Foundation, Narada Foundation, Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation, Standard Chartered Bank

Major Partners

Overseas China Education Foundation, Yiyuan Foundation of Care and Education, One Kilogram Book Donations Website (一公斤赠书网), Carry One More Kilogram (多背一公斤)  


In order to improve education for young people, we encourage the development of responsible, full-time volunteers, we promote the slogan “build a library in your hometown,” and we provide organizational help for such projects.