China Zigen Rural Education & Development Association


China Zigen Rural Education & Development Association


To support individual-focused sustainable development.

Major Projects

  • Living Allowance for Students From Low-Income Families
  • Reading Corner and Love Care Library
  • National Conference For OI Patients
  • Training for Rural Teachers with Big Potential
  • Community Service Center for Migrant Workers

Major Achievements

In the past decades, we have provided fellowships for about 90,000 people, held courses on basic literature and health for 8,000 villagers, and trained 120 rural leaders, 3,000 farmers, 280 rural hygienists, and 120 rural teachers. We have provided fellowships for more than 600 college students, supported more than 20 grassroots NGOs, had more than 800 college volunteers in our projects, and had more than 100 volunteers work at the Zigen project office.

Major Funders

Overseas Chinese, Chinese companies, foundations and individuals

Major Partners

Local governments, teachers, intellectuals and public welfare groups


We have developed strong relationships with local people. We have collaborated with governments, teachers, intellectuals, public welfare groups and other donors to deeply investigate the most crucial and timely issues for migrant worker communities in rural and urban areas.