Christian Action


Christian Action

Christian Action was founded as a registered charity organization in 1985 in Hong Kong with the mission to help the poor, disadvantaged, displaced, marginalized and abandoned.

Christian Action began cooperating with the Qinghai Provincial Government in 1996 and opened the Xining Children’s home in 1998. Most of the children at Xining Children’s Home suffer from disabilities. Since then four more children’s homes have been opened, and are co-run by Christian Action and the Qinghai local government.

Other Programs include:

2007 Xining Rehabilitation Center. Provides medical services to disabled children from children’s homes and the community.

2008 Blue Sky Project: a long-term plan to co-managed eight children’s homes in Qinghai and to provide social services at the Xining Children’s Home. The Xining Children’s Home administrative method became a model for children’s homes around China.

2008 Scholarship Program. Provides subsidies to poor children in Qinghai to receive access to education. Since beginning, 1,145 grants have been given.

Medical support to Children in Qinghai, and visits from foreign and Hong Kong specialists.

2010 relief work in Yushu Prefecture after an earthquake. Raised funds and supported Jade Cargo International donations to the affected area. A summer camp to help children deal with post-traumatic stress disorder was held after the disaster.

Christian Action also has an office in Shenzhen and provides help to immigrants from the Mainland who arrive in Hong Kong.