Chunhui Youth Philanthropy Development Center


Chunhui Youth Philanthropy Development Center


To inspire and motivate people to participate in philanthropy, to explore and engage in more efficient forms of philanthropy, and assist the development of underdeveloped areas and vulnerable groups.

Major Projects

  • March to September (annually), Chunhui Initiative Project
  • April (annually), Chunhui Youth Philanthropy Development Forum
  • October (annually), Young Philanthropy Personnel Capacity Improvement Workshop
  • Various Chunhui Projects focusing on students tutoring, reading promotion and community development
  • Chunhui Agriculture Development Company (春晖支农开发有限责任公司)

Major Funders

Xinping Foundation, Lingshan Foundation(灵山慈善基金会)

Major Partners

Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation, Smile Library(微笑图书室), New Education Foundation(新教育基金会), Lingshan Foundation(灵山慈善基金会)


We focus on the development of youth philanthropy, promote the idea and practice of public welfare among university students, and hold civil education and civil society projects for Chunhui members.