Couleurs de Chine


Couleurs de Chine

Founded in 1990 based on an idea from Françoise Grenot Wang*, Couleurs de Chine was at first mainly a cultural exchange association that organized events in France to introduce aspects of China to the French public.In 1998, it established an educational aid program that has concentrated on finding individual donors to sponsor children from poor households in Guangxi to complete primary and middle school education (high school and university education has also been financed since 2005).Over the last twelve years, this program has sponsored more than 8,500 children, mainly girls from poor Miao and Dong households.

During school year 2010/2011 the association sponsored nearly 5,000 children at primary and middle school levels and nearly 400 students at high school and higher levels.

The organization encourages sponsors (3,400 in 30 countries at present) to commit to a minimum of 3 years support, amounting to around USD 260 for primary education.

In addition to school fees, Couleurs de Chine has funded, thanks to international sponsors, the construction and/or refurbishment of more than 80 schools and/or dormitories in the area.

*Françoise Grenot Wang (Chinese name FangFang) was a French sinologist who worked for more than ten years in Guangxi province with the Miao people. She tragically died in the fire of her house in December 2008. She was selected among 120 foreigners having helped Chinese people over the 1949-2009 period and was granted an Award by Tianjin TV.

Couleurs de Chine is funded by individual, private sponsors, and some corporate donors.