Dalian Children’s Village


Dalian Children's Village


To create a home for the minor children of the incarcerated and to provide them with an environment that will encourage living respectable and responsible lives.

Major Projects

  • November 2009, Dalian Children’s Village and the Relief Fund Inauguration Ceremony
  • November 2011, Dalian Children’s Village Ministry of Education Scientific Research Seminar

Major Achievements

  • 2011, helped 90 children of the incarcerated, providing full support for 20.
  • September 2001, the first student of Dalian Children’s Village entered university.
  • 2011, built 5 bases such as the Special Children Humanitarian Rescue Base, the Family Education Base, the Scientific Rescue Base, the Special Orphan Entrepreneurship Base and the "Spread Love" Base.

Major Funders

Head of village (Gangyi Wang), Yihong Co. Ltd. (香港溢鸿有限公司)(Jianbang Li).

Major Partners

24 organizations from 13 provinces in China, including social organizations, Women Federations and universities.


Liaoning Woman’s Prison(辽宁女子监狱), Liaoning Huazi Prison(辽宁铧子监狱), Liaoning Wafangdian Prison(辽宁瓦房店监狱), Liaoning Nanguanling Prison(辽宁南关岭监狱), Dalian Prison(大连市监狱), Beijing Sunshine Village(北京太阳村), Chaoyang Sunshine Village(朝阳太阳村).