Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteers Association


Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteers Association


To promote society's civilized development; to protect the public's right to environmental protection; to promote the coordination of environmental protection; to promote the harmony between humans and nature; to promote the development of the cause of environmental protection.

Major Projects

  • “Blue Ocean” Dalian Coastal Litter Investigation and Prevention Project
  • “Green Sword Action” Eradicating Foreign Species Project
  • “Planting Green Seeds” Tree-Planting Project
  • “Igniting Green – Global One-Hour Activities,” authorized by WWF
  • “Protect the Liaodong Spotted Seal” Project

Major Achievements

  • 2008, “Ford Motors Environmental Protection Award, Natural Environmental Protection, 3rd Place”
  • 2008 – 2011, “Dalian Environmental Dissemination Education Work-- Advanced Group”
  • 2009, China Maritime Day, “Advanced Unit”
  • 2009, “Liaoning Protecting Mother Rivers Action-- Advanced Group”
  • 2010, The "Dalian coastal zone marine litter survey and clear" project funded by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Program
  • 2011, “Dalian Top Ten Volunteer Service Organization”
  • 2012, “Dalian Youth Volunteer Action Outstanding Organization Award”
  • 2012, “Liaoning Outstanding Environmental Protection Volunteer Organization”


We carry out exchange and collaboration between domestic and international institutions and organizations; we are looking for opportunities to learn about project funding support and advanced management models.