"Don't Eat Friends" Vegan Initiative


Don't Eat Friends Vegan Initiative


To promote lifestyles that do not harm nature or animals.

Major Projects

  • April 2011, Earth Day “Don’t Eat Friends Fruit Party”
  • October 2011, “If You Love Animals, Take Action” National Animal Protection Publicity Tour
  • March 2012, “If You Love Them, Don’t Set Them Free” Urban Animal Care Activity Series
  • April 2012, Qingshan Activity with the “Pick Up Bottles” Group

Major Achievements

  • 2008, Reported for the well-known British magazine, The Economist
  • April 2009, CCTV interviewed our founder
  • June 2009, Topped China Youth Daily’s list of “Freezing Figures”
  • 2010, Listed among Beijing TV’s “Environmental Pioneers” and served as a guest on the Beijing People’s Broadcasting Station in April

Major Funders

Jing Xi Jin Sha Mo (净心金沙漠)

Major Partners



We use original art such as music, microfilms, and comics as a vector for publicity.