Enjoy Volunteering


Enjoy Volunteering


To enhance college students’ Leadership by recruiting and training them as voluntary teachers of rural summer camps.

Major Projects

  • Rural summer camp for left-behind children;
  • Leadership training workshop;
  • Creating networks among college students associations in China

Major Funders

Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation, Xinping Foundation, Yu Foundation, Narada Foundation, Samsung(China), Maitian Education Foundation, Dunhe Foundation

Major Partners

The School of Social Development and Public Policy (SSDPP) of Beijing Normal University, Aha School of Social Innovation, Anhui Sun Umbrella Children's Charity Relief Center, Yinghuo Educational Public Welfare Organization, Stars Youth Development Center


  • Depending on college societies related to education, EV establishes regional learning cycle through popularizing education and social change ideas in leadership workshops;
  • On-line communication and annual summit are held regularly to strengthen EV union network and a series of selections will follow to select appropriate societies to conduct further training and learning;
  • EV has integrated a series of advanced training methods such as mentorship and guidance into support for youth and has designed a theoretical system based on START Learning Cycle.