Friends of Nature


Friends of Nature


In a society that lives in harmony with nature, every individual shall have the right to enjoy nature’s beauty as well as safe and clean natural resources.

Major Projects

  • 2009 - Present, "City Waste" Project
  • 1993 - Present, Environmental education projects
  • 2009 - Present, Low-carbon family projects
  • 2004 - Present, Public participation projects
  • 2004 - Present, Sustainable transport projects

Major Achievements

  • The founder Congjie Liang was awarded:
  • 1995, the Asia Environment Award
  • 1999, “Global Award” awarded by China Forum of Environmental Journalists and Friends of Earth (HK), “Great Panda Award” awarded by the National Forestry Bureau
  • August 2000, Ramon Magsaysay Award Public Service Award
  • September 2004, named by Southern People Weekly as “50 Chinese Public Intellectuals Who Influence China”
  • 2005, "Green China" Man of the Year

Major Funders

SEE Foundation, Beijing Beineng Guanli (management) Zixun (Consulting) Youxian (Lt.) Gongsi (Co,), German EED Foundation, Department of Cultural and Science and Technology of France Embassy, Hao Ran Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, American Bar Association, Natural Resources Defense Council, MISEREOR Foundation, Narada Foundation, One Foundation, Delta Environmental & Educational Foundation, Vanke Charity Foundation, Vantone Foundation, PAMC Health Foundation, Cultural and Education Section British Embassy, YouChangeEntrepreneur Foundation

Major Partners

Beijing Diqiu (Global) Cun (Village), Daerwen (Darwin) Ziran(Nature) Qiuzhi (Keen for Knowledge) She(Group), the Natural Conservancy (TNC), Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, EnviroFriends Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Green Earth Volunteers


In the next three to five years, we will focus on environmental problems in cities. We will discuss and seek reasonable methods of urban development in China through the reduction of waste, the improvement of transportation systems, the construction of low-carbon households and communities, and the development of an urban nature experience and environmental education.