Friends of the Earth Hong Kong


Friends of the Earth Hong Kong

Established in 1983, Friends of the Earth Hong Kong (FoE HK) works to raise environmental awareness of the general public in Hong Kong, and on specific campaigns to protect the Hong Kong environment.

In the 1990s the group began establishing links in mainland China through environmental education exchanges and teacher training workshops. It has since lent support to Chinese environmental NGOs, including a network of student environmental clubs, through experience sharing and capacity building workshops.

Since 1997, in partnership with the Chinese Association of Environmental Journalists, FoE Hong Kong has made an annual series of Earth Award prizes to recognise environmental educators, journalists and activists in China.

Since 2008, we have established water and conservation programme at the source of Dongjiang. “Dongjiang River Partner – Upstream downstream Partnership” project is a long-term project of FoE (HK) with the aim of “Giving Back” to our mother river, Dongjiang and to empower the headstream villagers in Xunwu County, Jiangxi Province. A key focus is to reduce water pollution and to protect the river source ecology. In addition, it is tackling the climate change issue and water crisis by safeguarding the Dongjiang River, which supplies drinking water to over 40 million people living in Hong Kong and Guangdong.

Note: In 1971, citizens from France, Sweden, the UK and the USA jointly established Friends of the Earth International as an international environmental campaigning network. This has since grown into a federation with member organisations in 68 countries. Friends of the Earth Hong Kong, however, is not affiliated to this international network.