Fujian Green Home Environment Friendly Center


Fujian Green Home Environment Friendly Center


To promote the sustainable development of the ecological environment and harmonious society.

Major Projects

  • Monthly environment activities on the 22nd of each month, including “Community Green Room,” “Environment Art Group,” “Riding Group,” “Volunteer Club,” “College Volunteer Alliance,” and “Ecological Experience Base.”
  • Rural Pollution Projects
  • City Garbage Reduction and Renewable Resource Project

Major Achievements

  • 2008, Participated in the Fourth International Sustainability Conference
  • 2009, Invited to a 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Event by the US Consulate in Guangzhou, and engaged in consultation with Consulate
  • 2010, Invited by Shanghai Expo Taiwan Visiting Delegation for 7 days of volunteering activities
  • 2011, Represented Fujian NGOs in the “Green Public Participation” Jiaqing Forum


We developed out of a Fujian TV Environmental Protection Education program, “Green Home.” To the present, we have established Green Countryside Model Bases for rural ecological rehabilitation and protection. In terms of youth environmental education, we have established a college environmental protection group and a college environmental protection alliance. Further, to help the public to participate in environmental protection, we have established 8 institutions, including Green Home Legal Service Center, Environmental Art Group, and Community Volunteering Home.