Fuyang City Mutual Aid Association for the Disabled


Fuyang City Mutual Aid Association for the Disabled


To enable the disabled to enjoy social interaction, recreation, training, and employment, and to educate the public about disabled issues, creating societal equality for the disabled.

Major Projects

  • Rehabilitation Education
  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Daycare Services
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Information Exchange
  • Advocacy

Major Achievements

  • 2010, Fuyang Disabled Persons' Advanced Award
  • 2011, Anhui Rehabilitiation Professional Advanced Individual
  • 2011, Anhui Disabled Persons Federation Advanced Group Award

Major Funders

Anhui Disabled Persons Federation, Fuyang Disabled Persons Federation, Yingchuan District Disabled Persons Federation, Taihe Healthcare and Medicine Ltd.

Major Partners

Save the Children Beijing Branch, EU and British “Rice Mom”


We work to assist disabled children by offering health, employment, and living skills training, and to strengthen the care and specialized skills of the families of disabled children. We promote disability rights and interests and develop training for local officials and community volunteers. We advocate for communication between the government and NGOs. We participate in policy research for special needs children with disabilities, and occasionally organize forums for the parents of disabled children.