Genuine Love


Genuine Love


To advocate for new education models, and to enable more youths to improve their abilities in the process of education.

Major Projects

  • 2008 July– Present, Beichuan Yu Township Workstation: Community visits, public service library open, character education, community activities, older recreational services, disabled services, and community livelihood projects
  • October 2010 – Present, Beichuan Golden Sunlight Community Center Workstation: Youth character education, summer learning packages, group and community activities
  • May 2010 – Present, Yushu County Third Complete Primary School Workstation: Orphan care center

Major Achievements

Our Beichuan Yu Township Workstation was selected as a Nokia Sun Community Project Outstanding Community

Major Funders

Liaoning Newspaper, Tibetan Flowers (森吉梅朵慈善学校), Science and Technology Promotion Center under Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Non-Profit Incubator (恩派), Rainbow Project (彩虹计划), Tencent Foundation (腾讯公益慈善基金会), Yihua International (毅华国际), China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Local Fellowships and Generous Individuals

Major Partners

Qinghua University Sustainable Rural Reconstruction Project, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang Normal University


Compared with Chinese education models and assessment systems, experiential education is a new method of training and education which, if combined with current education, can balance out the contemporary educational experience.