Global PAFS


Global PAFS

Having analyzed in depth above global biodiversity status and how to effectively conduct nature conservation, Dr. XIE Yan, an associate research professor at the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, established the GPAFS in 2013 based on her 20 years’ rich research and conservation practice. On September 2014, 29 stockholders invested and established the PA Friendly System Co. Ltd. in the commonweal way which this investment cannot be withdrawn for 3 years and no bonus forever. The company is responsible for the marketing operation of GPAFS. The GPAFS has taken a solid step of organizing social resources to participate and improve effectiveness and sustainability of conservation, develop a platform to mitigate the conflict of conservation and community development in and around protected areas.


Maintaining and restoring the beautiful homeland where man and nature could coexist in harmony through the effective conservation of natural protected areas

Major Projects

  • In 3 major places:
  • • In nature reserves: Local communities produce PA Friendly Products; Local conservation organizations supervise the production, and organization and promoting nature conservation; Urban residents enjoy nature in local communities houses – PA Friendly Eco-hub, and explore nature by taking part in PA Friendly Scientific Survey
  • • In PA Friendly Electronic Shopping Center: All products as crops, processed products, arts, handicrafts, ecotourism products, that met GPAFS criteria, could be placed in the shopping center and open their own shops to promote and sell
  • • In PA Friendly Eco-hub of city: Experts on conservation, music, painting, photograph, fine food, games; local communities and conservationists from PAs share their knowledge and experience, lead general public make the nature conservation become a fun and attract urban residents learn and experience conservation
  • Take 4 major actions:
  • • obey nature rules;
  • • preserve wildlife and their habitat;
  • • prevent the destruction of nature; and
  • • respect and help local communities, since they are protecting nature

Major Achievements

  • We received Ecology - Green Promoters Prize in the Fifth SEE-TNC context in 2013.
  • “Protecting Swallows” project received the Excellent Model title in 2014 Huanqiu Wang Meeting.
  • “Following Swallows” action received the Excellent Creative Activity prize in 2015 Youth Environmental Protection Activity Contest.

Major Funders

China Environmental Protection Foundation Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund Conservation International (CEPF) The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Major Partners

Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences International Union for Conservation of Nature


GPAFS established a diversified, commonweal and added value platform promoting the whole society to add into ecological conservation field. GPAFS coordinates among diverse partners based on the overall principles of ecological conservation in PAs, to improve livelihood of local communities and effectively implement conservation.