Grassroots Community Volunteer Association


Grassroots Community Volunteer Association


Our volunteers offer community services, promote community participation and community interaction, and encourage the sustainable development of society.

Major Projects

  • September 2000 – Present, Community Legal Services Project, Legal aid for disadvantaged groups
  • October 2001 – Present, Community Environmental Protection Project, Environmental protection promotion and educational activities for local communities
  • September 2003 – Present, Sunflower Migrant Workers' Children Education Project, Helping the children of migrant workers aged 5 – 12 to obtain more community education resources
  • May 2008, “Beautiful New Home” Sichuan Post-Disaster Reconstruction Effort

Major Funders

Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, China Legal Aid Foundation (中国法律援助基金会), China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (中国扶贫基金会), Narada Foundation (南都公益基金会) New Citizens Project, SIDA, Oxfam HK (香港乐施会)

Major Partners

Shanghai Zhabei District Baoshan Street Sub-District Office, Shanghai Zhabei District Science and Technology Committee, Non-Profit Incubator (恩派公益组织发展中心)


We encourage volunteers to initiate and implement all sorts of public service projects for communities' disadvantaged groups. We promote community residents' societal participation, and promote community development. Within the organization, we stress systemized models of organization, and financial self-discipline.