Guangzhou Grassroots Education Support Association


Grassroots Education Support Association


  • To build a platform for education support and charity work;
  • To help impoverished students get good education.

Major Projects

  • From March 2013 up to now, Grassroots Education Support Funding Project;
  • March 2013 up to now, Grassroots Education Support Libraries Project;
  • From July 2013 to January 2014, Hand-in-hand Youth Camp Project;
  • From July to August 2014, Country Culture Education & Non-profit Education Support Project;
  • From December 2013 to October 2014, Non-profit Culture Communication Project.

Major Achievements

  • January 2014, “Guangdong Provincial Financial Support Fund” ;
  • April 2014, “2013-2014 Guangzhou Excellent League Branch”;
  • December 2013, “Bronze Prize of Guangzhou Youth Service Project Innovation Competition in the Third Volunteer Service Guangzhou Fair”;
  • June 2014, “Best Non-profit Film Award of the Fourth Cantonese Impression Guangzhou International Micro Film Competition”;
  • June 2014, Listed in “the Ten Excellent Organizations of Guangzhou Charity Development Report 2014”.

Major Funders

Local bureaus of civil affairs, Chinese companies.

Major Partners

Local government agencies, schools, foundations and commercial organizations.


Work from grassroots level and strive to be a clean, legitimate and transparent platform providing services for people in need of education support.