Green Anhui


Green Anhui


We focus on environmental problems caused by development, foster popular participation in public management, and try to improve society`s development. We also promote recycling and environment-friendly consumption.

Major Projects

  • 2006 - Present, Water Resource Protection Program
  • 2010 - Present, Environment Law Program
  • 2008 - Present, Green Travel Program
  • 2008 - Present, Young Environmental Protection Talent Growth Program
  • 2009 - Present, Anhui NGO Capacity Building Program

Major Achievements

  • 2004 and 2011, Ford Motors Environmental Grants
  • 2005, SEE Ecology Award
  • 2009, Lenovo Youth Social Welfare Entrepreneurship Competition, 1st place in Anhui
  • 2011, Intel “Chip World” Innovation Award for Non-Profits
  • 2011 Green Anhui’s work was made into a documentary “The Warriors of Qiugang” which got an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Short

Major Funders

Alashan SEE Ecological Association (阿拉善SEE生态协会), Pacific Environment, Global Greengrants Fund, American Bar Association, World Bank, National Resources Defense Council, One Foundation (壹基金)

Major Partners

China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO), Environmental Protection Department in Anhui, Local Media in Anhui, Anhui High Speed Law Firm (安徽高速律师事务所), Anhui University Law School, Wuhu Ecology Center, Anhui Green University Students Forum(安徽绿色大学生论坛)


Our full-time environmental lawyers allow us to help victims of pollution, promote relevant laws and regulations through media reports and policy briefs, advocate green lifestyles in cities and launch environment education for young people. We have also established four environmental NGOs in Anhui, strengthening our influence and widening the scope of environmental NGOs.