Green Stone Environmental Action Network


Green Stone Environmental Action Network


To spread awareness of environment protection throughout Huadong, and all of China.

Major Projects

  • 2006 - Present, Jiangsu Part of Yangtze River Basin Water Environment Program
  • 2010 - Present, China Youth Environment Social Organizations Development Support Program
  • 2011 - Present, Public Environment Education Program
  • 2011 - Present, Community-based Rehabilitation Action
  • 2002 - Present, Green Stone Military School Program

Major Achievements

  • 2002, Ford Motor Environmental Grants Youth Program Award
  • 2005, Ford Motor Environmental Grants University Students’ Environmental Project Award

Major Funders

GGF, PE, SEE, Amity Foundation


We have a project team, led by a project officer, to coordinate volunteer participation. This model can effectively resolve the issue of limited human resources, and can also enable full use of volunteers’ initiative, advancing Green Stone’s mission and project goals.