Green Watershed


Green Watershed


To advocate for participatory and integrated watershed management, gradually establishing it as a model for sustainable development in Western China, supported both by the government and by NGOs.

Major Projects

  • 2000 - Participatory Watershed Management Project
  • Green Loans Project
  • Community Disaster Management Project
  • Social Impact Evaluation Project

Major Achievements

  • 2005, The Economic Observer Newspaper and Shell China: “Sustainable Development in China” Best Ten Cases
  • SEE Ecology Award “Hu Yang Award”
  • Ford Motor Environmental Grants First Prize
  • 2006, Goldman Environmental Prize
  • 2006, Lijiang Lashi Haiziguan District Participatory Irrigation Management Project was awarded the World Bank China Development Market Prize
  • 2008, Disaster Management and Social Impact Evaluation Projects were awarded Narada Foundation's New Citizen Awards
  • 2011, Green Loan Project was awarded the SEE TNC Ecological Award

Major Funders

Oxfam Hong Kong, Narada Foundation, SEE Foundation, Youchange Social Entrepreneur Foundation

Major Partners

Friends of Nature, Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, Global Environmental Institute, Green Earth Volunteer, China Development Brief, Watch Home(守望家园), Sichuan Hengduan Mountain Institute, Chongqing Green Volunteer Association


We focus on carrying out theoretical research, along with working in rural communities in Yunnan, effectively combining theory with practice.