GreenModel Environmental Protection Center


GreenModel Environmental Protection Center


To raise awareness of environmental protection and garbage reduction.

Major Projects

  • We go deep into the communities, schools, businesses to popularize environmental knowledge by hosting “The Conducting Training Courses of Waste Reduction and Classification”;
  • We will be holding a huge event named "one kilogram zero waste" with millions of people participating(2014-2016);
  • Since 2012, we have been carrying out a long-term activity called”Community Environmental Protection Benefit Station”. We recruit volunteers and promote environmental protection among communities;
  • We plan to carry out a project named “Environmental Enzyme(环保酵素) Save Earth “(2015). Calling for the public to make use of “environmental enzyme”to improve soil conditions, treat sewage, clean rivers and so on.

Major Achievements

  • Silver medal of The First China Charity Projects Contest. (July 2012)
  • Top 100 of The Third China Charity Projects Contest.(September 2014)
  • Most Influential Charity Project Honorary Award - Shenzhen Special Zone Daily .(August 2013)

Major Funders

Shenzhen Shengdonghua Recycled Material co., LTD, V Love Foundation.

Major Partners

Shenzhen Volunteer Association, Shenzhen Volunteer Service Foundation, The Southern Urban Daily Book Club.


GreenModel is one of the first NGOs that introduced business models into the field of environmental protection in China.