Guangzhou Fenfang Language Training Center for Deaf Children



To assist rehabilitation, instill ethical training, and foster self-reliance.

Major Projects

  • August 2008, Held the "If You Have Love, You Have a Future" music concert with volunteer performers, and all proceeds went to paying the medical expenses of three impoverished families with deaf children.
  • Provided donations for the provision of many hearing aid devices through the Guangdong Rehabilitation Center for Deaf Children.

Major Achievements

  • 2006, "Guangzhou Disabilities Work Advanced Group" Award
  • 2007, Center student Jie Yuan's artwork took first prize in the "2007 Guangsheng Community 'Harmony Cup' Youth Painting Competition"
  • 2008, Center student Jingan Zhong's artwork won a gold medal for Youth Painting at the Mauritian International Drawing Competition
  • 2009, South China Agricultural University College of Public Management's "Superior Internship Organization"
  • 2009, A Center student was named in the top 500 Young Chinese Artists

Major Funders

Kam Hearing Technology (甘峰公司), Guangdong Rehabilitation Center for Deaf Children (广东省聋儿康复中心)


We allow deaf children to happily develop and grow in a world with sound.