Guangzhou Growth Dynamics Social Work Professional Development and Resource Centre


The rapidly developing economy on the mainland has left many with adjustment problems. Noticing the importance of psychological health and well-being, the Central Government has listed the social work profession as a core development area in 2006. The Boys’ and Girls’ Association of Hongkong set up the Guangzhou Growth Dynamics Soical Work Professional Development & Resource Centre (“Guangzhou Centre”) in December, 2008. Later, it registered as a civil non-etnerprise unit in September 2011 which offers services and support to children, youths and their parents as well as professional training to mainland social workers, providing them with practical experience to enhance their skills.


  • 1. Care about Children and Youth development
  • 2. Educate our children and youth to become well-educated citizens.
  • 3. Affirm the function of family.
  • 4 Raise public awareness to children and youth, especially those lived in disadvantaged environment

Major Projects

  • 1. Guangzhou Support Orphan Project, September 2014 – August 2016.
  • 2. “Similar to Family” Left-behind Children and Adult Orphan Social Work services, July 2015 – June 2017.
  • 3. Foshan Dali Community Service, 2009 – 2011.
  • 4. Foshan Nanhai Eastern Community Service, 2011 -22012.
  • 5. Foshan Dali Western Seven-One Space Social Work Unit, 2012 – 2013
  • 6. Foshan Nanhai “Dream Family Union” Social Work Unit, 2014 – 2016.

Major Achievements

  • 1. Guangzhou Social Worker Education Center 2013;
  • 2. Guangzhou 4A (AAAA) social group, 2014
  • 3. Lishui Village Excellent Social Work Service Groups 2015
  • 4. Social Innovation Project, awarded by the Nanhai Community Building Innovation Prize, 2014

Major Funders

Guangzhou Government, Accenture Company

Major Partners

Guangzhou Civil Affair Bureau Guangzhou Social Welfare Center Foshan Dalizhen Government United International College Accenture Company, Target Foundation


Our organization takes the social work experience from Boys’ and Girls’ Association of Hongkong and we aim to develop our local experience in social work professional development and promote children right and protection.