Qixian Guoren Rural Culture Development Center


Guoren Rural Culture Development Center


To build rural community colleges, and promote countryside reconstruction.

Major Projects

  • May 2012, “Left-behind Children Companionship and Growth Project”;
  • Sep. 2012, “Xiliuzhi Community Newspaper”;
  • Oct. 2012, “ Happy Sunday” child program;
  • May 2012, Xiliuzhi Village Library Project;
  • Jun. 2014, Colorful Childhood Project.

Major Achievements

Won “ 2013 National Charity Project Gold Medal” for the Left-behind Children Companionship and Growth Project.

Major Funders

Shanghai United Foundation, Shenzhen Social Commonweal Fund.

Major Partners

Rural Construction Center of Renmin University, “Son of Peasant” Association of Shanxi Agricultural University, “Ai Zhi Meng” student group in Taiyuan.


We are trying to build a sustainable communication platform for volunteers and cultural organizations in rural areas for the purpose of advancing rural development and prosperity.