Half the Sky Foundation


Half the Sky Foundation

This foundation was established in 1998 by a group of parents in the United States who had adopted children from China. The foundation works to improve conditions for children remaining in China’s orphanages.

Half the Sky’s Beijing Representative Office was officially registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2008.

Through the Rainbow Program, launched in 2011, Half the Sky is co-training with its government partners every child welfare worker in China, a milestone in the foundation’s mission to upgrade care for orphaned children all over China.

In partnership with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Half the Sky has established 51 child development centres in state-run orphanages to encourage best practices and improve standards of care. These centres offer four programs for children of all ages:

An infant nurture program – offering stimulation and individual attention to enhance healthy development; a preschool program – offering an innovative child-centred curriculum to prepare children to enter community schools at a level with their peers; a youth services program – offering preparation for independent living through esteem-building mentorships, vocational training and university sponsorships; a family village program – providing permanent loving families for children whose developmental and physical challenges make adoption unlikely.

In addition, Half the Sky’s medical care home in Beijing offers medical treatment and pre/post operative nurturing care for orphaned babies and toddlers from all over China who have life-threatening conditions.

Half the Sky is funded by private, corporate, and foundation donations.