Hellor R & E Center


Hellor R & E Center


Assist children and families in need of special education by providing appropriate educational programs and services. Protect special-needs children’s equal rights to education and promote equal education.

Major Projects

  • April 2011 – April 2012, Special-Needs Children's Rehabilitation Education at Shengzhou Road Service Center
  • April 2012 - Present, Establishment of Special-Needs Children's Educational Service Network
  • Major Achievements and Awards
  • February 2012, Narada Social Cooperation Self Breakthrough Award
  • March 2012, Jiangsu Women’s Federation Call for Social Working Plan, Outstanding Practice Award
  • Major Funders

Major Funders

Nanjing Amity NGO Development Center (爱德社会组织培育中心), Narada Foundation

Major Partners

Nanjing Amity NGO Development Center, Narada Foundation, Nanjing Special Education and Vocational College(南京特教学院), Nanjing University Social Science School


We work on the basis of the needs of special-needs children’s families, train professional teachers, and launch individual educational training. We promote the healthy development of families by providing professional support and services to individual families, schools and communities through our service network.