Henan Community Center for Education and Research



To improve social gender equality and promote equal development in society.

Major Projects

  • 2001-2010, Promoted the establishment and development of grassroots NGOs in Henan
  • 2001-2010, Helped women in rural areas to acquire traditional handicraft skills
  • 2002-2006, AIDS prevention and comprehensive intervention in rural communities
  • 2009-2012, Research on old-age support systems in rural communities
  • 2008-2014, Research on how to counter imbalanced sex ratios at birth

Major Funders

Oxfam Hong Kong, Ford Foundation, MISEREOR Foundation

Major Partners

The Party School of the CPC Central Committee(中央党校)The Women's Research Center(妇女研究中心), and the Luohe Women’s Federation (漯河市妇联)


We promote the establishment and development of grassroots NGOs focusing on gender equality. We offer training, participation and support for the self-development of vulnerable groups. We also encourage the participation of men.