Honghuacao Labor Service Center


Honghuacao Labor Service Center


  • Support workers to defend their rights;
  • Help workers start businesses;
  • Enhance social status of all workers.

Major Projects

  • In 2009,Honghuacao supported the Liu Hanhuang Case;
  • In 2010, Honghuacao supported the Wang Fengping Case;
  • In 2013, Honghuacao helped the workers of ASM organize the ASM strike.

Major Achievements

  • In the Liu Hanhuang Case, Honghuacao assisted a worker, Liu Hanhuang, who killed two employers from Taiwan because of being ill-treated, not to be sentenced to death.
  • In the Wang Fengping Case, Honghuacao rescued Wang Fengping, a worker of GP battery, from being detained by the police and finally helped her get the compensatory payment and over-time wage.
  • In the ASM strike, a big strike in Shenzhen, Honghuacao helped more than 5000 workers get a 20% wage-up and for those dimissed got compensatory payments.

Major Funders

Private donations

Major Partners

Labor’s Forum(gongrenbbs.tk), Mass Service Association of Taoyuan County, Taiwan


  • Directly support the working class to defend their rights;
  • Explore ways to safeguard labor rights in accordance with the law.